I need help! -- Where I am #1

Welcome to the my little show. My show is discovery about. Think, you are coming a place and you don't know anything this place about. How do you do in this position? What is my charachter doing, we will watch him together.

For trailer :

Who am I, Where i am, Where is Life : https://youtu.be/n36-nMe6UDg


Simple Man: https://goo.gl/lWKhmi

Time is a river?

Time is a river. What most fail to grasp is that the river is circular. One man's death opens the doorway to the birth of the next.


New charachter!

"Once upon a time I said lost, I said lost myself and now I stopped telling myself that I'm lost. I'm not. I just am on a journey that has no destination, driven by hope that I'll find a place that I will like and I will stay there. But I am not lost.I just... am on my way!"
This is a new charachter for yours.
Thanks for reading.


I need help, I need any help. someone help me for where i am.